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At this point in my career, I figure no one cares where or when I went to school, how
long I’ve been doing this or any other detail you would usually find in an “About the
Artist” page. My work speaks for my range and ability, so instead here is my design
(and life) philosophy.

I like clean design, type that’s readable, marketing that makes sense and people
who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. And puppies. I’m neurotic (in a good way)
about details, cohesive branding, following a grid and learning what my clients want,
even if they’re not sure. As a visual person, I understand how colors can change
your mood and bad typography can make it hard to breathe. There’s no excuse
for “good enough” when it comes to marketing your business, decorating your
house or enjoying your free time. It’s YOUR business, YOUR walls and YOUR time.
Do not settle.

We only go through life once. I want to make the trip as visually pleasing as possible.

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